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The Defenders 63

21st Dec 2020, 7:59 AM in The Smith
The Defenders 63
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Zack-ta 21st Dec 2020, 7:59 AM
I honestly don't like action scenes. While sometimes I can pull off some nice visuals and I have fun gags I can do at times, it's still not a movuie and still frames aren't great for action, a problem Crossover championships continuedly faces. I tend to find actions scenes to me feel underwhelming from what I was planning. Could be the fact I don't script in advance and my making things up on the fly can start to deviate from the plot I had set up in my mind, so working up to climaxes can feel forced as I try how to work myself in the direction that doesn't feel clunky.
So I tend to enjoy the build up more, if I can do that right. But it's always nice to reach the end of a long term project.